Adulterated "Essential Oils"

One of the things that I find most troubling in this business is the number of adulterated products there are on the market, and how many people buy them because they are looking for a cheaper option. Essential Oils are EVERYWHERE, so be careful about what you inhale, apply to your body, and certainly don't ingest anything that isn't guaranteed to be 100% pure. The FDA and Health Canada don't have strict enough guidelines that prohibit companies from labelling their products "pure" or "100% natural" when they may only have 5% of the actual oil in them. The dictionary defines adulterate as "to debase or make impure by adding inferior materials or elements; use cheaper, inferior, or less desirable goods in the production of (any professedly genuine article)."

With the popularity of essential oils exploding, it's no surprise that there would be many companies jumping on the bandwagon to make a quick buck. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Ask questions. If you're buying your oils from a place that doesn't own their own farms, test the soil regularly, and do their own distillation for the proper amount of time and at the optimum temperatures, you are probably getting an adulterated product. You get what you pay for.

Young Living is the world's leader in essential oils because we provide the finest essential oils available through our Seed to Seal process, which sets the standard for essential oil purity and potency. Every step of the way, from the seed going into the ground, to the seal being glued on the bottle, Young Living promises that their product is 100% pure. The don't cut corners, and they don't add solvents or chemicals to make more money.

If you are exploring the use of essential oils because you want to remove toxic chemicals from your life, don't be fooled by the cheap imitations that may contain the very chemicals that you're trying to avoid. Excellent quality essential oils, like Young Living Essential Oils, are an investment into a more vibrant, energy filled life. You and your family are worth it!!



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