Down and Dirty with Soap Scum

Let's get real. Cleaning the shower is just disgusting. If you ask me, it ranks right up there with cleaning the fridge. Gross. My tendency is to put these chores off as long as possible, usually until I know someone is coming over (that will be our little secret). Then the job is even that much harder than if I had just stayed on top of it (like I swear I'm going to. Every. Single. Time.). Even the word SCUM conjures up images of disgusting-ness. The thing with the shower, though, is that you have to literally get in it to clean it, so you either do it while you're showering, or you just, like I do, get completely soaked in the process. Sigh...oh the tribulations of cleaning house.

So imagine my joy, my bliss, when I discovered this magical paste. I should call it "The Shower Miracle," because I could swear that I heard angels singing when I wiped all that nasty soap scum off my glass shower doors!

It's super easy too (no scrubbing required), and best of all, it's 100% natural, so you won't be making yourself sick inhaling all those nasty chemicals that are in the store-bought shower cleaners. If you're still using those, STOP! NOW! Don't make me come over there! Read your labels, people! Then Google some of the ingredients, and then you'll be shaking your head in horror that it's allowed to be sold in stores. It's an outrage! Anyhoo....

Here is our glass shower door. I'm being super vulnerable here. YIKES!

I know...embarrassing. The crazy thing is that we squeegee after every shower. Yes, even sweet husband (I have him well trained). Somehow, even with all that squeegeeing (yes, that's a word), we still get the scum.

Thankfully, I discovered this amazing recipe for the magical paste.

The next step:

I hope you found this helpful and will become as obsessed with keeping your shower clean as I have (no telling how long this will can only hope!!).

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