Using Essential Oils is a Lifestyle not a Quick Fix

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

I was recently chatting enthusiastically about Young Living Essential Oils with a friend when someone overhearing our conversation piped in very nastily, “I tried those when my daughters were sick with gastro, and they didn’t help at all!” In the moment, I was speechless…racking my brain for a clever response.

As I’ve thought back over that incident I’ve come to some conclusions about how many people have been brainwashed about health, wellness, and sickness. The thing with essential oils is that using them is a LIFESTYLE, not a QUICK FIX. They are more about strengthening the immune system and preventing sickness than they are about using them as a last resort when you're already sick. To put it another way, using essential oils to promote health and wellness is proactive, not re-active. What you do when you’re WELL and feeling great is way more important than what you do when you’re sick. Yes, absolutely, essential oils can and do often provide immediate results in many instances. You can see dramatic improvement in the relief of a headache by applying Peppermint Oil, and a stomach ache can quickly ease after using the Young Living blend Digize. But when it comes to illnesses like nasty colds and the flu, it is best to develop a daily protocol of wellness that strengthens your immune system so that your body is equipped and ready to fight against all those germs lurking around during cold and flu season. This can work two ways: either you won’t get sick at all, or if you do catch something, the duration will be much shorter than most, and the symptoms will be much less severe. (I will post soon about how my son and I conquered the flu). I add that because it’s important to manage your expectations. Waiting until you’re sick is not the time to dig your Starter Kit out of your drawer and try your oils and then be disappointed when they “don’t work.” Please don’t base your opinion on the effectiveness of essential oils on that one time that you had the flu, tried your oils once or twice and didn’t feel any improvement!! The pharmaceutical industry has fed us the lie that we should be able to take something that makes us feel better immediately when we catch a virus. We’ve come to rely on the quick fix and don’t have the patience or the perseverance to choose the more natural options that require commitment and daily maintenance. We are lazy when it comes to our health and wellness, and then we complain when we get sick. We think that we can go without adequate sleep, eat junk, expose ourselves to toxic chemicals, and that our body isn’t going to eventually break down and get sick!! THERE IS A BETTER WAY!! Maintaining good health requires making good choices on the days when we’re feeling great as much as on the days when we’re not. I compare my use of essential oils to my relationship with God. To maintain the level of intimacy that I’m longing for in that relationship, I must choose to spend time with Him everyday. I must choose to make it a priority. It’s the daily communion with Him that will keep me spiritually healthy. It’s the same with essential oils. I choose to make my “relationship” with them a priority and use them every single day to maintain my health. These daily practices will strengthen my immune system, help me release negative emotions, promote a better night’s sleep, and keep me well physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Please let me know if I can help you discover the wonderful world of Young Living Essential Oils. It is my passion and goal to educate as many people as possible about these life-changing products.

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