"Great Day" Protocol

Gary Young, Young Living's founder, called this combination of oils his "Great Day Protocol." The power of each of these oils is phenomenal. This combination balances your body and mind to start your day off with clearer intention, more focus, and a mindset of gratitude. It's recommended to try the protocol for a week and keep a log to note your feelings and accomplishments to look back and see how you've changed throughout each of the days.

I'm trying it!! I started on Sunday, and I have to say that I've noticed a significant difference already. I've had more energy, been more joyful and grounded. What does it mean to be "more grounded?" For me, I think it means having more control over my thoughts and not allowing negative or critical thoughts to invade, keeping my mind fixed on how Jesus would have me respond to the world around me, instead of reacting out of frustration or impatience. Because, giiiiiiiirl.....Lord knows, I love me some reacting. Usually OVER-reacting, if you know what I mean!! This is an area that I'm working on: to maintain a calm, gentle spirit and to keep my mind fixed on positivity and joy rather than the downward spiral of critical thoughts. It's a conscious choice, and it's amazing how much the distractions of this world can take me off course down a road of negative thinking. I'm trying to change that!!

There is so much in Scripture about people being anointed with oils, the healing power of plants, the leaves of trees healing nations, etc. This is powerful stuff!! I believe God provided the plants and essential oils to help us find balance, raise the body's frequency, and to live healthier, physically and emotionally. Read on for the instructions for how to use these powerful plant juices to try out for yourself the "GREAT DAY protocol." Tell me in the comments about your results!!

Steps for the Great Day Protocol:

VALOR: place one drop on your left wrist, and hold the inside of your right wrist to your left wrist for a few moments to balance your entire body system.

HARMONY: apply one drop, just above your belly button to calm your mind and promote positive feelings.

JOY: apply one drop just abouve your heart to help bring happiness to your mind and body.

WHITE ANGELICA: place one drop in the palm of your hand and rub hands together. Then lightly brush both of your hands over your head, face, shoulders, chest, and down your body right over your clothes, as though applying a shield.

FINAL STEP: cup your hands over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply for 10 seconds.

You can read more about Gary Young's "Great Day Protocol" here:


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