It all started with a box...

It all started with a box and then turned into a big dream.( I have to give you a bit of a back story, so bear with me, and stay with me till the end. If you have a short attention span, just quickly skim over this part and fast forward to the second paragraph). My interest in essential oils started when I heard about using Frankincense oil as part of a skin care regime. I went to the local health food store and bought my first little bottle. Then I watched a documentary called “The Truth About Cancer.” One entire episode was dedicated to talking about the use of essential oils to treat cancer. Having just gone through a lumpectomy and radiation treatments for breast cancer, needless to say, I was intrigued. My tiny, little bottle of Frank had gone dry, so off I went, back to the health food store, and they were completely sold out of my precious oil. The clerk claimed that many people had seen the same documentary that I had, creating a huge demand for the product. I remembered reading something about essential oils in a Facebook group that I had been following for a while. It was a community group on fitness, and one of the participants was always raving about these oils that she had discovered. With the wonder of technology and the access it gives us to complete strangers, I reached out to her by Facebook message, and the rest is history. She enthusiastically told me about the Young Living Starter Kit, and my immediate response was, “Sign me up!!” I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those oils. A few days later, my box arrived. Everything was so beautifully packaged, and I was so impressed and amazed by the amount of stuff that was in it. I set it all up and started diffusing lemon and peppermint immediately. I was hooked. It wasn’t too long before I learned about the Essential Rewards program because as my oils began to run out, and I needed a way to restock them. So slowly my oil inventory began to grow, as well as my knowledge about their many uses and benefits. Tiffaney, my Facebook friend and now my Young Living sponsor, noticed my monthly purchases and reached out to me to ask me if I was interested in building a business with the products. My response at the time was a little lukewarm and sort of like, “What the heck, why not?” Little did I know, it was the beginning a great adventure. (Continued below).

It's had its ups and downs, but God has never let me let it go. Does it seem crazy, at my age, to start a business? Maybe, but it’s about so much more than little bottles of oils. It’s about getting out of the boat and walking on water. It’s about aligning my gifts, my life experience with my purpose, my life story, and with Kingdom purpose. It’s about breakthrough, changing mindsets, trusting God, BELIEVING God, not listening to the noise, the naysayers, the negative people, the jealous people, the people in the stands who are too afraid to try but are quick to criticize. To keep going, keep believing when the results just aren’t there, but knowing deep inside of me that I have to keep going because it’s what God called me to do, and realizing that most of the journey is about trust. Trusting Him. To trust that God wouldn’t put a dream in my heart to just see if fail, but that I have to keep believing, keep seeking Him first for guidance and direction, keep breaking through fears, doing scary things that I never dreamed I could do, wanting to stay small and invisible because it’s not as risky and vulnerable, but knowing in my heart that I’ll just die a slow death if I do that. Knowing from the core of my being that God has a plan for me and a purpose in this business so instead of focusing on all the “No’s” and worrying that I’m annoying people because I’m being too salesly, to keep praying that God will connect me with people who need to have their eyes opened about health and wellness. It’s about all the doors slammed in my face, but trusting that I have to get up again, shake the dust off, and do it again tomorrow. It’s about overcoming the discouragement of hearing that someone who I thought was my friend, who I tried to help by giving free samples, went and signed up with someone else. It’s about seeing others succeed, thinking I need to copy the way they’re doing things, but God telling me, “No, do it MY way.” All the things that if I let them dominate my thoughts, I will quit; throw in the towel; get discouraged. But then I hear the words from a song, “the Voice of Truth tells me a different story. The Voice of Truth, says ‘do not be afraid.’” The highs of being obedient and the breakthrough that happens; when someone gets it. When someone tells me, “the oils that you gave me really helped!” When someone acknowledges that that $199 investment was worth it and wasn’t “too expensive.” When a business builder’s life is being changed because of earning enough to pay for their oils, or enough to take their family on vacation; the thrill of overcoming fears and doing that Facebook live video that terrifies me and not listening to those voices in my head saying, “you have nothing of value to say, no one will watch, who do you think you are?” and instead believing what I read in Scripture that says, “Your words are wise and your thoughts are full of insight.”

It all started with a box, that turned into a dream. And if feels like God prepared me for this my whole life. I’m 57, and I’m filled with more purpose, more drive, more excitement, more anticipation than I've had in a really long time. I truly believe that my best years are ahead of me. As I look toward the decade of my sixties, it’s not about slowing down or looking forward to retirement. NO! It’s about pursuing goals and dreams, fulfilling my destiny, becoming who I was created to be by finding my voice, following God’s plan for my life, and hopefully helping people along the way. And through it all, earning an income that gives me the opportunity to tithe and sow into building His Kingdom for His glory.

When I first started writing this post, I thought it was going to be about all the ways that Young Living products have improved my and my family’s health, but it turned into an outpouring of my heart and all that this adventure has done in my life (and I haven’t even touched on the incredible community and the new friends that I’ve met as a result of all this!). If you’re in a job that you hate or just tolerate, or if you’re in a season of life where you’re saying, “there’s got to be more to life than this,” I urge you to consider joining my team. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but you will never be the same. If you have even the slightest “Hmmm, I wonder…” thought in your head, could I just encourage you, no urge you to give this a try? I hadn’t intended for this to be about the business opportunity, but I just have to believe that maybe someone who is reading this needs this in their life.

If not this, then find that “thing,” whatever that thing is that fuels you with passion: that dream that was planted in your heart long ago that’s been dormant, or maybe you didn’t even know was there…that you have, for whatever reason, been too afraid to pursue. That thing that makes you forget to eat and makes you lose track of time. DO IT. Get up off the couch and take the first step and slay those negative voices in your head, and DO. THE. THING. Then tell me about it. I want to hear your story, your breakthroughs, and your victories. We can become a tribe of world changers. It’s possible. Anything is possible, when you believe, and then allow that faith to fuel your action. It’s life-changing.


Tell me in the comments: what are your dreams? What are the fears that keep you from pursuing them?


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