Let's talk Diffusers

I often get asked, "What's so special about a Young Living diffuser? Can't I just buy one from Amazon or Costco that would be just as good?" Honestly, I'm a little bit biased, and frankly I've never used anything other than a Young Living diffuser. I believe in the company and their standard of excellence, and that's enough to convince me that their diffusers are the best. That being said, I want to back that up with WHY I believe they are the best.

1) Young Living's diffusers are made of medical grade plastic. I don't know if less expensive diffusers can claim this, but what I do know is that if the quality of the plastic isn't specified on the package, I would avoid it. Why is medical grade plastic a must? Have you ever heard of "plastic leaching?" Perhaps you've heard of it with regards to the containers that we should avoid using in the microwave because of the harmful chemicals that can come from the plastic into our food. The same priniciple applies to the plastic from which your diffuser is made. Good quality therapeutic grade essential oils' organic molecular structure doesn't mesh well with cheap, low-grade plastic. Even some carrier oils like coconut or sweet almond oil can not mix well with cheaper synthetic materials. Young Living's diffusers are made from the highest quality hard plastic that are made specifically for the potency of the oils. With a Young Living diffuser, all you will be breathing in will be the amazing healing benefits of the oils without concern that chemicals from a cheap plastic could be floating in the air as well. That gives me peace of mind.

2)Young Living diffusers are cool mist diffusers. Avoid a diffuser that uses heat such as those old school oil warmers like my mom used to have on her kitchen counter. Those were designed to warm synthetic fragrance oils and to give the same effect as burning a fake-fragrance filled candle (avoid those like the plague, as well, but that's for a different post): their purpose was just to smell good. They provide no therapeutic benefits and could even be harmful. I've noticed many companies that make cheaper oils have warning labels that say "Flammable," or "do not apply to skin." These warnings are a red flag that these oils have been adulterated with synthetic chemicals that could be harmful. Read your labels. A good quality essential oil should not be heated, but diffused with cool mist in order to reap all its wonderful therapeutic benefits. Young Living's diffusers use ultrasonic technology to perfectly disperse the oil's tiny molecules into the air in a cool mist. Our bodies can then absorb all those super healthy constituents that enter our bloodstream to help our body's systems all work together to strengthen our immune system so that our body can heal itself.

3) Young Living diffusers come with a ONE YEAR guarantee.

Enough said.

4) Young Living has an incredible selection of beautiful diffusers with a style to suit everyone! And some of them come FREE with the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit!

I hope that you found this information helpful. Let me know if you have questions about diffusers or about starting the Young Living journey!! I'd love to help you. Happy oiling!!


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