How Young Living Changed My Life

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

I’m feeling overwhelmed with gratitude this morning for how much my life has changed since this, the Young Living Starter Kit, came into my life.

I’m sleeping so well, have so much energy, my skin looks radiant, my immune system is strong, I have zero menopause symptoms, and that’s just a few of the incredible changes I’m experiencing. Add to that, I’m continuously told that I smell amazing, and my home smells amazing!! I’m so thankful for all of those things, but what is even more mind blowing is that I’m earning an income that is way beyond what I could have ever imagined, and I get to do it at home (usually in my pajamas)!! And all I have to do is just share with people what I’m passionate about!! In addition, I’ve become a part of such an awesome community that is so supportive and encouraging and have made so many new friends all over the world. I LOVE YOUNG LIVING!!


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